Review of Chill State hemp-infused sparkling water at Fair State Brewing Cooperative by iszy

photo of Fair State Brewing Cooperative Chill State hemp-infused sparkling water shared by @iszy on  21 Oct 2022 - review

I'm honestly surprised I liked this so much! I really don't like the flavor of cannabis, so I had low expectations, but I thought this was incredibly refreshing. The herbaciousness was almost minty and citrusy. It really wasn't musty, which is what I was worried about. This is a non-alcoholic seltzer but has 5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD. I felt a little floaty after drinking most of the can and I could really see myself enjoying these after work or on a nice relaxing day on the beach or in the woods. I think I'll swing by Fair State today to pick up a pack of my own!

Thank you MN lawmakers for inadvertently making cannabis edibles (and drinkables)u legal! 😘

#veganedibles #thc #cannabis #cbd

This review earned $0.70 in donation credits... Hmmm did it not like the emoji? The parentheses? The line breaks? The more niche hashtags? The picture is clearer than my last three.

kyu Mine have all been $0.70 so far. I don’t really use emojis or hashtags, though, so I thought that was why. For what it’s worth, I found this review helpful and think it deserves more :(3 likesReply
iszy Thank you. Your pictures are all so clear, it seems like exactly what an algorithm would favor! And you write good detailed reviews. This is pretty frustrating, I hope they reconsider this change. 4 likesReply

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