Review of Beyond breakfast Sausage Classic - Beyond Meat by unejanie

photo of Beyond Meat Beyond breakfast Sausage Classic  shared by @unejanie on  10 May 2022 - reviewphoto of Beyond Meat Beyond breakfast Sausage Classic  shared by @unejanie on  10 May 2022 - review

Beyond Meat

these are really good. i like the taste, they brown nicely, and the only packaging was the cardboard box. no wasteful layers of plastic inside. they are a little small but there are six in the package. i feel the need to add there were five entries for this product in the list. i choose the top one. #breakfast #vegansausage

unejanie they might have less fat but i cooked them in a little sunflower oil for effect because #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease 1 likeReply
shmoopsify They have them in a bigger box at Grocery Outlet by me for $10. I let them the a few minutes and press them into burger circles so they fit appropriately in a bagel or English muffin. Works great 3 likesReply
unejanie for next GO trip! they are still bigger than the mini ones i reviewed a week or two ago. i like the flavor better too!2 likesReply
shmoopsify I also have also used them when I make pizza. I break them into little chunks. Pretty versatile.2 likesReply
dafnelately Happy #600threview 🙌 Keep it up!7 likesReply
raffa70s70 Congrats Janie 💪🎉🎉🎉🥰😘3 likesReply
tamiapple Wow! Congrats! 🏆 1 likeReply
veganadam Yum! Fantastic effort; 600 reviews 🙌❤️1 likeReply
stevenneoh Only that the top search result may not be the database entry with the most records 😬1 likeReply
unejanie the description was also the same as the package. i guess i could review it four more times ? 1 likeReply
stevenneoh Hahaha #abillionhacks 😂1 likeReply

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