Review of "The Big Bad" Breakfast Sandwich at Fern Cafe and Bakery by somegirl

photo of Fern Cafe and Bakery "The Big Bad" Breakfast Sandwich shared by @somegirl on  04 Jul 2021 - review

Tofu egg, sausage, melty cheddar, hashbrown patty, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo — all piled on a toasty ciabatta bun. This is weirdly the exact same bfast sandwich I have been making at home for the past few years, but it’s honestly nice to have someone else make it for me for a change. (Also theirs is tastier because deep fried hashbrown patties slap compared to baked)

helloitsme “deep fried hashbrown patties slap compared to baked”, made me laugh 😆 It’s so true, though!1 likeReply
somegirl For real - legit no contest! 1 likeReply
veganvanman we come all the way from Duncan to this cafe on our ' treat me!' days hehe1 likeReply
somegirl Worth the drive!!! Reply

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