Review of Impossible Whopper at Burger King by curvycarbivore

photo of Burger King Impossible Whopper shared by @curvycarbivore on  26 Oct 2019 - reviewphoto of Burger King Impossible Whopper shared by @curvycarbivore on  26 Oct 2019 - review

This is amazing and I’m SOOOO happy Burger King is now offering plant-based options. It tastes exactly like a whopper (from what I can remember) and the burger is a great size. It already comes cheese-free, but order without mayo to make it vegan. Price: ~$5 for just the sandwich.

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vegantravels Any truth in the press that claim it’s just as or even higher in sodium and saturated fats as a real burger?Reply
curvycarbivore @vegantravels there’s 200mg more sodium and everything else is pretty comparable. The nutrition facts are available on Regular Whopper = 660cal, 40g fat (12g saturated), 980mg sodium.... Impossible Whopper = 630cal, 34g fat (11g saturated), 1080mg sodium. So its definitely not healthy but at least an animal doesn’t have to die! 😊 Reply
stilldawn1074 Just tried one today and I definitely was not disappointed. Will definitely purchase the impossible burgers at Whole Foods now. In the past I have not really been a fan of mock meat burgers but this one was exceptionally good. 1 likeReply
curvycarbivore Such a great option for a quick meal! Beyond Meat is my favorite brand but Impossible is a very close second and usually a bit less expensive.1 likeReply

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