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This is amazing and I’m SOOOO happy Burger King is now offering plant-based options. It

tastes exactly like a whopper (from what I can remember) and the burger is a great size. It already comes cheese-free, but order without mayo to make it vegan. Price: ~$5 for just the sandwich.

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Remove the cheese and mayo and you’re set! It was pretty okay for a burger

but I wouldn’t get it again! I had a mild stomach ache and I only had oatmeal and did a small hike before I ate it??? yeah. I only got it because I was on a road trip and vegan options in more rural areas were limited. I do appreciate my family making the effort to look for options for me and them so that we can eat together. (Also beware, the fries are really salty!) #burger #impossibleburger #impossible #burgerking

I really enjoyed the impossible whopper! It was actually my first time at Burger King.

I wish it came with vegan cheese, but the patty itself is great.

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I always get this on long drives. It’s so nice to be able to get

something vegan from a fast food restaurant that isn’t just fries. Great flavor and very filling. Make sure to ask for no mayo! #veganisnotscary

This tastes like your typical, fast food burger... almost in a scary way. I always

second guess with the Impossible burger bc it’s too real. #🍔

#littlebuckets I have never been a huge meat eater, but was excited to try

the Impossible Whopper. I found it to taste really good. And I intend to make this the item that I order from Burger King from now on. Every little bit helps!

Delicious! Easy to order with out mayo. I like to add more condiments and greens

at home! 🍔 #uplandspeak

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