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Layered Chicken-style Stack

by Woolworths Food
3.93 (8)
  • Is Layered Chicken-style Stack vegan? Yes! Layered Chicken-style Stack is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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Most helpful reviews

This dish was so tasty. It has layers of mushroom in between the ‘chicken’, great

flavour combo. I didn’t have the cheese sauce, not a huge fan - was delish without in any case 👏🏻

Such a delicious product! I only saw this being available during the Christmas holidays which

makes me sad.

Bought this to try over the holidays and I was quite impressed. Very tasty. My

only criticism is that the cheese style sauce sachet needs to be at least twice the size to put on the portion of food 😄 #greyton #ashers #pigsnpaws

I think this was only available over the Christmas period - I completely forgot to

review it. Great to have this on offer. I enjoyed it more than the wellington in all honesty! The cheese sauce wasn’t my favourite though.


Christmas lunch done right. It was the last one in the fridge at Westwood mall,

boi were we lucky.. Sliced these layers of deliciousness and had it with the cheese style sauce provided, some spiced rice, salad and sauces (excuse the presentation, we were too hungry to plate up 🤭)
The flavour closely resembles what I remember McDonald's chicken wrap patties to be. Great flavour but there's a slight aftertaste, might have come from the cheese sauce, not sure but I love this.
Thank you Woolworths 🌱

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