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17 April 2021
Interesting. I’ve never had ice cream made from olive oil before, but it’s good! Definitely

not as rich as other vegan ice creams, but the texture went well with the coffee flavor.

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Delish! It’s made with olive oil, which is unique. Love the flavor and creaminess. #uplandspeak

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I'm going to be honest, I did not care for this and coffee is one

of my favorite ice cream flavors. It was a little icy in texture, which I don't really mind. Maybe the weird flavor was from the fructose used as a sweetener. I hate waste food so I will probably eat it, but only a few bites at a time. Disclaimer: I got this for free through the website Social Nature in exchange for an honest review.

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At first, the coffee flavor was a little strong, but as I ate it, it

grew on me. The texture was fantastic- it was super light and creamy. The Oatly coffee ice cream is still my favorite, but this one was definitely tasty.

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