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  • ConcenTrace Mineral Drops
  • ConcenTrace Mineral Drops

ConcenTrace Mineral Drops

by Trace Minerals


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  • Is ConcenTrace Mineral Drops vegan? Yes! ConcenTrace Mineral Drops is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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7 April 2021
Very good to add to water for trace minerals. Vegan of course

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This is an interesting product that I recently tried! Do I think that it’s necessary?

Not at all. But I did try it out since my dad is a huge fan of it. I added about 10 drops to a small glass of water and it was easily the most earth tasting item that I’ve ever consumed. It honestly tastes like earthy well water and completely surprised me taste wise! #veganuary #veganuary2021 #itsamystery #mysterywater #iherb

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Minerals and trace minerals are crucial for proper bodily functioning.

Using trace minerals may help

maintain healthy energy levels by giving your body's electrical system the minerals it needs to function properly. ⚡️

Trace minerals promote proper hydration, and for many have proven helpful in preventing headaches, cramps, and much more. 💧

I wish the packaging wasn’t plastic!


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