Almond vanilla creamer

by Silk
4.72 (40)
  • Is Almond vanilla creamer vegan? Yes! Almond vanilla creamer is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

I always buy this #creamer ! Nice and creamy and tastes so good. Found at

Target, this is one of 3 flavors that I've found so far. Definitely recommend it for all you fellow coffee drinkers. #veganisnotscary

When I first went vegan almost 5 years ago finding a creamer that worked was

one of the hardest things. Giving up cheese and meat was easy in comparison. It wasn’t until I found this product that the transition became easy. Give this a try if you’re struggling to find a creamer that works for you.

This may be my hands down favorite store bought creamer right now.
Found this huge 32oz

bottle at my local BJ's warehouse for under $3. Has a great taste and this froths beautifully which is something I really like in a creamer.
I typically make my own creamer using a combination of canned coconut milk with either soy or almond milk, vanilla, and sugar added because it's really cost-effective for me but if I can get this at a decent price I will definitely buy this creamer.
It's not too sweet but I also find that using this creamer Disney just the right of sweetness so that I don't need to add any additional sugar to my coffee.

it's good to see zero saturated fat listed on the label for this.

it's not actually zero but as close as you can get to that and still have a good creamer. #alMonday

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