Review of Almond vanilla creamer - Silk by babsyeats

photo of Silk Almond vanilla creamer shared by @babsyeats on  10 Dec 2020 - review


This may be my hands down favorite store bought creamer right now.
Found this huge 32oz bottle at my local BJ's warehouse for under $3. Has a great taste and this froths beautifully which is something I really like in a creamer.
I typically make my own creamer using a combination of canned coconut milk with either soy or almond milk, vanilla, and sugar added because it's really cost-effective for me but if I can get this at a decent price I will definitely buy this creamer.
It's not too sweet but I also find that using this creamer Disney just the right of sweetness so that I don't need to add any additional sugar to my coffee.


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