Rightrice garlic herb

by RightRice
4.38 (13)
  • Is Rightrice garlic herb vegan? Yes! Rightrice garlic herb is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

Rice made from lentils and chickpeas rocks! Fav rice in my family. Enjoyed this flavor.

Good herby & garlic taste. Ate it all and I feel full. Loaded with nutrition,

I add some nutritional yeast for even more, don't think it's a stretch to say this is pretty much a meal. In a bag you get 40g protein, 20g fiber, 60% dv iron, 40% potassium, no saturated fat, a little bit of added sugar. #glutenfree #nongmo

Will buy again and Think next time I will mix in some tempeh and split into two helpings.

The package says 1.3 cups of water to rice when cooking, which seemed low, so I made it 2 cups and that turned out perfect. Easy to prepare. I'd like to see more eco-friendly packaging.

Some of my fav rice, always so savory and satisfying. Great for pairing with some

veggies and some doesn’t need a lot of seasoning since it’s got it in the rice already. Thanks for making this @iseekplants It’s rightfully tasty lol, the right rice to buy lol. #veganisnotscary

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