Sandwich Chicken-Style Tandoori

by Rewe To Go
4.00 (5)
  • Is Sandwich Chicken-Style Tandoori vegan? Yes! Sandwich Chicken-Style Tandoori is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Vegan #sandwich 🥪 with plant-protein (soy, wheat, pea, potato) based vegan "chicken" strips, a pea-protein

based salad cream, red bell pepper, endive, arugula and tandoori spice mix. There are also sundried tomatoes inbaked in the bread. Unfortunately, it does not taste as good as it sounds, the taste is rather bland and strange and the texture is really off too. I would therefore not buy it again. The packaging has an average design and is #recyclable if you separate the paper from the plastic part. Bought at Rewe supermarket, Germany. Price 2,99 €.

#vegansandwich #foodtogo #tryharder

Ok im allgemeinen, praktisch zu essen, wenige Plastik, weiches Brot und leckere Füllung. Kein tandoori

Geschmack tbh aber noch in Ordnung. Trotzdem würde ich diesen Sandwich nicht wieder kaufen, da der Preis unverständlich hoch ist.
💸 €2,99 #rewe

When in Germany we found plenty of ready made vegan products from the REWE grocery

stores. This was at Dresden Central Railway station. A chickn tandoori sandwich - that’s the kind of stuff we need 🤤 This tasted pretty good and fresh so 5 stars for that. Price was reasonable.

Delicious sandwich, prepared with sun dried tomatoes, endive, tandoori spices and a really good veggie

chick’n 💚


The photo is ugly but I was on the plane! This club sandwich was really

good, super tasty, with a delicious sauce and a generous amount of veggies. I think the "chicken" was made of seitan, but couldn't understand the ingredients in German 😅 3€ at the airport's supermarket.

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