Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic Cashew Milk Cheese

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This is incredible. It was on sale for $10. Completely with it. I used to

spend money on fancy dairy cheese before so why not spend it on the best vegan cheese out there. #roosterredemption #miyokos

Holy mouthful of a name 😵‍💫 but I’m not gonna object to a #creamy #cheese

🙃 Comin’ in with the #vegancheese stash entry number 3 🧀

While I’m not a tomato fan, it worked within the context of the charcuterie board type situation that night 😜 Seeing as it was #doublecream , this was as soft as Camembert… maybe even softer? Coming out of the fridge, it’s like a time bomb of structural integrity 😅 Much as I wanted to really sink my palate into this #creamycheese , the #sundriedtomatoes really stuck a #sour punch in the mouth 😛 It’s got little bits of flesh all over so it truly is very #tomato forward.

I believe these go for roughly $12 or so. #miyokos reputation preceded themselves 🧐

Still a great #softcheese but most recommended for the #tomatolover 🤓🍅

Omg... the first thing I noticed when I opened this was the smell. I guess

that’s an important cheese factor, because this is some strong cheese~ It’s so delicious and creamy though~ I’ve been eating it with pretzels as a snack, and have to force myself to stop. I didn’t really miss cheese that much, but i won’t complain about having it back in my life again~ this brand did a superb job~if you’re a #cheeselover, then this might be your brand~ 🌱🧀🍅

Artisan vegan cheese at its finest! This makes a killer sundried tomato risotto, which is

always a hit when I make it for dinner parties. Recipe on miyoko’s web site. #uplandspeak

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