Vegetable samosa vegan rolls

by Higgidy
4.10 (24)
  • Is Vegetable samosa vegan rolls vegan? Yes! Vegetable samosa vegan rolls is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

These were really good, the filling was well seasoned and tasted just like a samosa.

They were good to eat hot or cold too. Would always recommend Higgidy's products as they have innovative flavour combos and are always tasty.

They are a bit pricey but so delicious! Sweet flavour and good bite size amount

for nibbles at a party/gathering.

£2.70 from Tesco

I was looking forward to trying these samosas as I love Indian spice infused food,

but I made the mistake of eating them without heating them up. Not good. There are good ingredients of cauliflower, carrot and chickpea but it’s blended to a paste and made the texture like baby food…not for me I’m afraid. The puff pastry case works fine, although traditional samosa are pastry filled and sealed purses of fried dough. I think I had too much desire for that crispy outer layer going on. The element I did enjoy was the multitude of seeds in the topping
#fennelseeds #cuminseeds #linseedseeds #corianderseeds
There are six mini rolls in the pack and I did get around to heating up the remaining four…much better for bringing out the spices,
#garammarsala #paprika
but not a snack I will hanker for.
All that said, I am daily grateful for the invention and choice of vegan food available.

I would have never of thought to pick these up, my mum gave them to

me to try. However, was very surprised that I liked them, probably wouldn’t buy again tho as I have no idea what to put them with!😹🌱🙌🏻~£2.70 per pack of 6 from Tesco.
#veganisnotscary #vegan #abillionlove #veganfoodshare

Okay I thought these were a bit bland?? (Or I was way to anxious to

taste them properly lol)

The pastry is lovely and I got hits of aniseed and cumin from the top - however the filling, soft and moist and lovely yes, but not a WOW on taste - would want a bit more spice and I didn’t really get the mango chutney

Looking forward to trying more of their stuff tho because texture wise, amazing and pastry wise also amazing

Also love the lil box

My (non vegan) mother approves them - she stole my snack🥲

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