Review of Vegetable samosa vegan rolls - Higgidy by bethany0990

photo of Higgidy Vegetable samosa vegan rolls shared by @bethany0990 on  25 Feb 2021 - reviewphoto of Higgidy Vegetable samosa vegan rolls shared by @bethany0990 on  25 Feb 2021 - review


I would have never of thought to pick these up, my mum gave them to me to try. However, was very surprised that I liked them, probably wouldn’t buy again tho as I have no idea what to put them with!😹🌱🙌🏻~£2.70 per pack of 6 from Tesco.
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lol1409 Maybe you could try sauce (chilli/Schezwan)? Or mayo. Or ketchup. I'm not quite sure if this is similar to the Indian samosa. That's typically served with a mint dip and ketchup. Often, a sweet tamarind dip too.2 likesReply
bethany0990 Thank you so much for the recommendations, definitely will give them a go!!🥰🥰2 likesReply
lol1409 No worries, I saw the title and couldn't resist jumping in 🙈 I've been craving this for a while 2 likesReply
bethany0990 They are very nice, you should buy some!🙌🏻2 likesReply
lol1409 I don't know if I'd get a samosa roll here, but I'm definitely grabbing a samosa soon! In the picture, it sort of looks like a vegetable puff with the sort of stuffing that's used in samosa shells. Delicious either way 😋2 likesReply
bethany0990 You get whatever you want, let me know what you decide!!🥰🙌🏻2 likesReply
lol1409 Yup, you'll definitely be seeing a review. I should probably do a series on Indian street food/snacks, because a lot are accidentally vegan! This post gave me a much needed poke 😆 3 likesReply
bethany0990 Aw that’s so good to hear, can’t wait!!🙌🏻🌱2 likesReply
clare-cooling They look nice 😍 2 likesReply
bethany0990 They were!🥰🥰2 likesReply
clare-cooling I'll have to keep my eyes open for those 👌2 likesReply
bethany0990 Yeah, let me know if you find them!2 likesReply
clare-cooling Will do, I don't really get to use Tesco so fingers crossed I can find them elsewhere 🤞2 likesReply

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