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  • Hidden Valley Original Ranch Plant Powered Dressing
  • Hidden Valley Original Ranch Plant Powered Dressing

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Plant Powered Dressing

by Hidden Valley


4.20 (9)

  • Is Hidden Valley Original Ranch Plant Powered Dressing vegan? Yes! Hidden Valley Original Ranch Plant Powered Dressing is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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19 May 2023
Mmm I love me a classic ranch flavor and this Hidden Valley Ranch delivers! I've

noticed with other vegan ranches i've had they're always lacking that thick texture that I love about ranch, they're more runny like a vinaigrette style dressing. This Hidden Valley ranch does not have this issue, it's super thick and perfect for a veggie platter or for a salad. It's creamy and flavorful. Would absolutely buy again.
#ranch #vegandressing #saladdressing

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Ermahgerd! Pinch me! I stumbled across this product at Kroger Marketplace. I literally did a

double take because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. FINALLY!! I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the familiar creaminess, tang, and ranchy taste. It has the same great flavor, only healthier! Please, please, please make this in a bigger bottle. 🙏🏽


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I've waited so long to try this ranch! It's really incredibly creamy! It almost grossed

me out with how thick it is! It doesn't have that traditional ranch taste that I grew up with. Now that my taste buds have changed a bit though, I prefer the more dill forward options, like the version from Trader Joe's. I've been enjoying this on pizzas! It seems like it'd be just a bit too heavy as a salad dressing. #ranch #saladdressing #dill #dip #pizza #salad #ditchdairy

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While on vacation and not having time to make my own ranch dressing, I picked

this up. Not nearly as good as homemade, but no different then the dairy-version, and a suitable alternative for a quick ranch dressing. I got this to make a salad to pair with a pizza. Pizza is kind of pricy, so having a salad to go with it makes for a more full-filling and healthy meal, and I love ranch dressing with pizza.

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