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  • Smoked Gouda Style Slices
  • Smoked Gouda Style Slices

Smoked Gouda Style Slices

by Daiya


4.44 (14)

  • Is Smoked Gouda Style Slices vegan? Yes! Smoked Gouda Style Slices is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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16 August 2022
meltability ✅

light smoky flavor ✅

I thought I was grabbing the Swiss cheese flavor but grabbed smoked Gouda...

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5 November 2022
Finally got around to trying these out and they’re so yummy!!

They were great on our mini Halloween pizzas during movie marathons☺️👻 my non-vegan partner really enjoyed them as well!

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10 May 2021
I really like this one!

I love that there is a Gouda flavour. More than just the same cheddar/mozzarella. I enjoy eating cheese plain and I did enjoy this one as well!

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18 May 2021
I've had a lot of success with smoked gouda-style cheeses.

This one is no exception (just happens to be what was at my grocery store and now in my fridge :)). Highly recommend if you miss smoked gouda!

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7 August 2019
Smoky delicious flavour.

Stretchy and melty in a grilled cheese #blackgoat

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