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Here’s why your reviews matter so much more than just earning donations. You are literally transforming lives around the world and making the world more vegan!

I’m delighted to share that we just crossed 10 million people on @abillion since we launched in 2018!

That’s 10 million people around the world making vegan choices thanks to the work of our community.

I’m especially proud that 4 million of those people have come in 2023. In September we surpassed 12,000 new people daily. And October should be our best month ever.

It hasn’t come from spending money on ads and influencers. It’s come from the work our team has been doing on web, which until this year was largely ignored in our focus on the app. But we’ve learned that we can drive more growth and revenue alongside faster development through the web. And I’d like to share a bit more for anyone here that’s ever considered building an app.

A couple of things we’ve learned:
- The app is where our most passionate members are. The content creators and the folks that are very actively engaging with content.
- Everyone else shouldn’t need to download an app to experience abillion. We want them using the platform, we want their presence felt across the community, we want them spending money on vegan products and services.
- Web can be developed, iterated and deployed 10x faster.
- We are no longer at the mercy of Apple and Google’s rules for apps. Historically we lose a month of development time every year to Apple and Google’s constant changes. Our engineers are telling me I’m being optimistic when I say a month!
- Google is our best marketer for user growth and revenue, and it doesn’t cost us a thing.
- Google highly values and ranks user generated content higher.
- Our content is vast, across 188 countries, and lots of it. Allowing Google to index everything means Google is displaying millions of abillion pages to its users.
- The #1 reason people find us is because they Google a product and that leads them to abillion.
- Google is now ranking us on top search results for brands 1.2 million times daily. That’s 440 million times a year. That relevance makes our offering for brands much more interesting.

We can iterate faster on web, more cost effectively, and tap into a much larger group of people that need our help. Prior to 2023 we were spending 90% of our time on app development. In 2023, we’ve leaned into the web, starting by rearchitecting our most visited pages. We’ve made a lot of progress, but what gets me incredibly excited is how vast the opportunity is now that we’ve opened our eyes, and how many options we have to grow from here.

So proud of our team, our community, our incredible partners working to save lives. It takes all of us coming together to have created a service that’s being used worldwide, and for all the right reasons! Thank you!! It took us 6 years to reach 10^7. Next stop 10^8!

maryanarch 🤩 AWESOME 🤩 BRAVO 🙌 AMAZING 🥲 ASTONISHING ⭐️ FLABBERGASTING ⭐️ and again: B-R-A-V-O !!!!!!! 🙌 🤗 💗 And THANK YOU Vikas !!!!! 🙏 11 likesReply
vikas Thank you Mary ❤️❤️❤️2 likesReply
veganhubby Woohoo! Breakthrough !!!💪💪💪5 likesReply
vikas So good to see you today!4 likesReply
veganhubby Yes, a wonderful day 😊3 likesReply
fulfilling Congratulations 🎉 Vikas & everyone behind the scene working hard 🙏🏻4 likesReply
vikas Thank you for the amazing lunch today!4 likesReply
fulfilling I enjoyed myself too ☺️always a pleasure to meet up with you :) 3 likesReply
vforvegan Well deserved Vikas! Congrats !! 🌱✊🏼4 likesReply
vikas Thank you so much. It wouldn’t be possible without you 🌞4 likesReply
vforvegan 💚🌱✊🏼2 likesReply
berryveganplanet This is amazing!! Congrats 🎉 to you @vikas and the whole @abillion team for this wonderful achievement 🙌🏼🫶🏼🌱💚!!5 likesReply
vikas Thank you! Our team and community are incredible and push us to make the dream happen. Thank you for being here. ❤️4 likesReply
iloveanimals87 Amazing! It warms my heart to watch abillion grow 😊 Hopefully one day there really will be 10^9 people saving the planet!!!!5 likesReply
vikas I wish for the same. Can you imagine a billion people making choices based on compassion for animals and each other?3 likesReply
veganeasychallenge Fantastic! Keep up the amazing work, Vikas and abillion team 🙌4 likesReply
vikas Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️4 likesReply
lizmaselli Fantastic news!!!!?2 likesReply
lizmaselli No question mark🤣3 likesReply
vikas ❤️❤️❤️1 likeReply
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bubi-the-bear Congrats 🎉 💜2 likesReply
marabasso I have begun the transition from vegetarian to vegan, and I must thank the Abillion family for the reviews and suggestions, a valuable help in choosing products and restaurants. It is important that Abillion continues to grow and we are all grateful for your efforts.
Vikas, please do not forget your Italian partners Rifugio Miletta and Capraliberatutti Sanctuary, they need your support. I trust Abillion, thank you ❤️7 likesReply
vikas Thank you Mara. We are committed to all of our partners and working to get to the next stage of our funding so we can donate even more. I’m working on it!4 likesReply
theveganfeast Woohoo!🎉🙌2 likesReply
glutenfreevee Such wonderful news to come back to! I’m glad that changes and additions within abillion are creating such amazing advances for abillion’s reach. Look out world, here we are! 😃3 likesReply
-juniper- That’s incredible news! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea. I have seen one of my photos in Google search results. Think I have improved my photo editing since then 😅 👍🏼 1 likeReply
vikas Haha me too!1 likeReply
littlebuckets This is so awesome on so many levels❤️🌱👏1 likeReply
vikas Thank you!Reply
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