Veganized Marinara With Artichokes & Mushrooms

by ZAZZ Pizza
4.49 (7)
  • Is Veganized Marinara With Artichokes & Mushrooms vegan? Yes! Veganized Marinara With Artichokes & Mushrooms is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

It’s very tasty without cheese, the tomato base is salty and light. Pizza dough is

airy and fluffy with a bready bite. Must try if you’re a fan of classic oven fire pies.

Phenomenally delicious (as promised by the raving reviews)!!! This place is a gem with an

impressive range of vegan selections. Will definitely be back for the special vegan menu on a Monday!

Pizza doesn’t get much better in Singapore than at Zazz and I’m so happy that

they relocated to just a few blocks from our abillion office!

This is one of my favorites. A marinara pie with simple toppings like artichokes and mushrooms. They have vegan Daiya cheese but I really don’t like it (sticks to my teeth and tastes really artificial) and I think pizza is so perfect without the heavy artificial stuff anyway.

If you’re in Singapore check out the new location. They have #peroni on tap!

#zazz #marinara #pizza #bestof

Saw so many reviews so had to try. And man this pizza was really good.

Granted it’s kinda pricy, but it was good. Red sauce is so delicious on its own, the artichokes are very soft, tasty, cooked well, mushrooms were good too.
We added basil to our pizza, but this was not worth it cause they put like 3 basil leaves on the pizza - and the basil topping is $4. 😩 lol oh well.
Next time will just get the red sauce, no cheese, and artichoke. simple and so so good. Doesn’t even need any cheese. Must go to zazz again.🍕

Wow! Chef Fernando has done it! After visiting here a lot the last few months

and asking they’ve introduced vegan cheese! Woohoo! Great step. Although I will say I’ve gotten so used to eating my pizzas and enjoying the taste of fresh sauce and veggies that the vegan cheese kind of took away from that. If I go back I probably wouldn’t order it again but it’s great for my friends who want a cheese substitute!

Thank you chef!

Thanks to this community and Vikas we discovered this place. The pizza dough was amazing

and so was the marinara sauce. We asked for Artichokes and mushrooms as toppings and it was delicious. We had a few other dishes there which were amazing but they were vegetarian and not vegan.

Ok seriously guys you’ve got to go try this pizza if you live in Singapore!

Besides being one of the few places in town that has a wood burning oven the ingredients here are amazing! Besides this delicious creation we also had an arugula and sun-dried tomato pie and it was so freakin good!

@vanessaainsley I know what you’re gonna say! Go try this! 😍

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