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  • U-mian with bak kut teh soup
  • U-mian with bak kut teh soup

U-mian with bak kut teh soup

by Xuan Miao Vegan


4.37 (7)

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4 October 2020
I've never liked Bak Kut Teh, but this one was really good! The serving was

generous for its price and the soup was nice. #veganisnotscary

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So happy to see a veggie stall with legit veg(an) dishes in a Kopitiam! The

bak ku teh was nice and flavourful, perfect for a rainy day, felt like a warm hug :’) i liked that they were very generous with the noodles and spinach! if I had to critique anything, I’d say it’s a but pricey ($7) for vegan bakkuteh (I’ve had good ones for cheaper eg sunnys choice, which is still my go to for this dish)!

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I like the herbal taste of the bak kut teh soup. The texture of the

noodles is always good. Inside this soup you will also find mock (lamb) meat other than the classic dishes.

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Good for when you're hungry or need to burn lots of energy. The soup is

not as herby as else where, but flavour is strong enough to satisfy. Like the huge serving or spinach, which typically isn't served in other places!

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didnt really taste like bak kut teh to me but the soup was soo flavourful.

would request for no mock meet in the future tho, didnt like the taste of it hahaah

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