Vegan BLT

by Wildsprout
4.56 (5)
  • Is Vegan BLT vegan? Yes! Vegan BLT is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Ooh, so yummy. The tofu bacon to lettuce to tomato ratio was perfect, and I

had it on sourdough (with the crust removed - thank you Wildsprout for always doing this for me). Spread with a thin layer of cream cheese (very nice) and drizzled with a mustard vinaigrette (I'd do without it). I've had it twice already, and I look forward to having it again. Reasonably priced (at under R90) and refined sugar free too.

A faultless vegan version of the classic. Well balanced flavours and delicious sourdough

Unbelievable. I had it on rye bread for that extra nutrition boost!

The vegan blt part was super tasty. I wasn’t wild about their grain-free gluten-free bread,


A pretty good version of the classic! Delicious sour dough and the tofu bacon was


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