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nothing too special or outstanding but that's not anything bad! just a typical cake and

I liked the crumble on top :) matcha flavour was relatively light though so it would've been nicer if it was heavier. despite being vegan there's no discernable difference between this and a non-vegan cake 😉

March babies birthday celebration at my workplace and my colleagues got a vegan cake because

of me!! Omg so touched :’) Glad they all liked it! It’s the first vegan cake for all of them. The matcha on top tasted slightly like seaweed which was confusion but otherwise it had just the right sweetness and not too dense. Love the crumble!

been wanting to try this ever since i saw it on IG a couple of

years back and it definitely didn't disappoint! Zenna's cakes all have a distinct moist yet fluffy texture that just melts in your mouth 🥺😋 the crumble on top was really yummy too! only feedback is that it was a little too sweet (can taste the sugar haha) and would've preferred a stronger matcha taste. still one of the best vegan cakes out there though 🥰

The matcha crumble on top is very delish. However, the cake sponge is too dense

for my liking.

Topped with a piece of yuzu(???) I love the matcha crumbs even more after I

baked this a bit to have it served warm 🥰

I don't think my words will do justice to the taste of this cake. Very

tasty and very reasonable 🙂

my friend couldn’t believe this does not have eggs bcos it was so flufffy!!!!

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