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dragon wellness bowl

by WellSmoocht
4.57 (12)
  • Is dragon wellness bowl vegan? Yes! dragon wellness bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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WellSmoocht288 dishes · 1,153 reviews

Well Dressed Salad Bar & Smoocht R'ice Cream dessert collaboration

8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, Singapore 575628

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Most helpful reviews

🐲🍚 Really pleasing to the eyes. The different types of foods keep me happy like

a kid on a merry go round (magic of the Bowl...) perhaps to consider the presentation? Somehow the rice covers up the rest of the stuff so it looks like it's mainly rice, which is not true! Either that or add a few more cuts of vegetables and it should be good 😚

The rice had a mild ginger aroma and uniquely pink colour, naturally dyed using dragonfruit!

Topped with peppery baked pumpkin, mixed mushrooms, mango basil beans, tofu scramble, beetroot, and lettuce. (*Allium-free) ($13.50)

I thought this was so so.. I really liked the taste of the tofu and

pumpkin here but everything else was plain. Also, this was $13.50 which was their most expensive grain bowl. I would revert to ordering their jackfruit bowl next time. I miss the other grain bowls that WDSB used to have!

Filling huge bowl of rice and ingredients! Interesting rice colour!

The colors are so gorgeous who cares how the bowl tastes?! But it tastes great

too. Lots of protein after a hike at Macritchie

I love WDSB’s rice bowls, even better when they’re closer to my home 🤭
They’re simple

salad rice bowls that are packed full of nutrients and deliciousness, plus it can look beautiful like this one with dragon fruit ginger tossed rice, tofu scramble, baked pumpkin, mixed mushroom, fresh lettuce, mango basil beans, beetroot.

This was well-liked by my family. I really loved the variety of colourful ingredients and

how they blended well together. Dish was not too dry nor wet, not overly flavourful, nor bland. A well balanced and slightly savoury dish that is satisfying to taste and feel healthy eating.


$13.50! I personally found this to be very bland and plain and didn’t really like

that much, but my sister and mum really enjoyed it! they said the mushrooms and beans were really flavourful and everything blended very well together. the rice didn’t have any dragonfruit flavour despite it probably being cooked in its juice though. also thought the pumpkins could’ve been cooked longer because it was kinda hard. portion is also really huge!! took us a while to finish

Indeed a wellness bowl as it is filled with an abundance of nutritious ingredients

this is a REALLYY colourful and healthy dish!!;D i love the bowl tooo

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