Tempehrature Curry Bowl

  • Is Tempehrature Curry Bowl vegan? Yes! Tempehrature Curry Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

One of my favorite at Well Dressed Salad Bar! I always order this whenever I

am famished because it is so filling. The curry sauce is terrific, the spicyness level is perfect. Everything goes well together. #crfsg

This was really nice with so many dishes. Very filling meal. Somehow felt the tempeh

could’ve been done better, maybe in smaller strips. The potato went nicely with the dish. The seaweed chips were heavenly! Didn’t know there was rice as the description didn’t state so. The curry was put separately, but I poured everything in and it was pretty spicy for me, needed the mint ice cream to neutralize.

Got a salad from maxwell and decided I need more so I came to order

tempeh just from well dressed haha!
This would be my first time actually trying it all on it’s own instead of in a curry. (This was about a week ago)
It’s nicely cooked and the you could tell it was well marinated in spices to make this flavour. Probably lightly fried instead of deep fried. it was so good i tried to remake it last night for myself haha
Definitely would recommend it! because of how good it was I would think it’s worth the top up to have it

Another stellar dish from WDSB! I am a tempeh fan, and they did this well.

Also the seaweed chips (YAAASSS), long beans and brown rice combo...simple but hits the spot! #crf

tempeh was seasoned perfectly & the right texture (some places cook tempeh until it is

too hard but not wdsb 👍), spice level was just right for me :"D really loved the turmeric, wld definitely not mind getting this again 💯

other than the tempeh, came w potatoes, carrots and some veggie as well as seaweed chips

can ask for the curry gravy to be separated so if your spice tolerance is not very high, i'd still recommend considering giving this a shot :,)

If you're looking for a filling and delicious bowl, look no further! So many different

ingredients (veggies, tempeh, seaweed fries) that pair well together. Comes with brown rice and a side of curry sauce. WDSB has great vegan options, my personal favourites are the bowls and burgers.

I was coming off a water fast so this bowl was definitely too big for

me to handle. I love the tempeh and the curry sauce but otherwise, the veggies and rice lack a kick that makes me go wow. Maybe I've just had this bowl way too many times! 😋

Couldn't say no to spicy tempeh and veggies! Coupled with the Satay sauce and brown

rice, this is a delicious and filling meal. Especially loved the cauliflower and beans.

Generous bowl of goodness with a tangy curry sauce to spice up your lunch! I’m

a fan of their tempeh because it’s not oily. Bonus points to the serving size 😍

Satisfying! Wont get bored eating this. I like how the curry is placed on the

side, so you can control how much you wanna dip. It was spicier than I expected, but feels good! The ingredients in the bowl are fresh and only the tempeh is slightly savoury (not too over), so the curry goes really well! Oh yes, the seaweed chips were a good add on too!

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