Hangry Jack Burrito Bowl

  • Is Hangry Jack Burrito Bowl vegan? Yes! Hangry Jack Burrito Bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The marinated jackfruit is amazing. It is savory and perfect texture-wise. Always love how fresh

the vegetables are. The guac, vegan mayo and salsa topped with cilantro and lime makes this an appetizingly bursting with flavor. #crfsg

I like all the bowls here, but this my favorite. The salsa, beans and rice

are especially nice. #crfsg

love the vibrant colours of this bowl #nofilter i actually can't stand the taste of

cilantro so i offloaded all the cilantro to @bubby who gladly ate them up. the rice has a cilantro taste too but luckily it's not too strong. every component was great, but i felt like the heavy taste/seasoning of the jackfruit didn't go well with the other light and refreshing elements on the dish like the mango beans, salsa and cherry tomatoes. also i think the description says it's pulled jackfruit (which a lot of ppl claim is a dupe for pulled pork) so i was expecting something....stringy instead of chunky? and also this was nothing like pulled pork (which i guess is a good thing if you're vegan?? LOL idk) still it was nice, good value and i'd have it again!

Awesome bowl with varied textures and a burst of flavours. Pulled jackfruit, mango basil black

beans and salsa. What’s not to love? :) #crfsg

My favorite parts are the beans, salsa, lime and brown rice. The cooked jackfruit is

something I have yet to grow accustomed to. #crfsg

Everything I'd want in a burrito bowl - black beans, guac, salsa, rice, fresh greens

and sour cream (could leave out the cherry tomatoes though 😛). Only let down is the quantity - considering the price and the size of the bowl.

Super healthy and delicious burrito bowl with marinated jackfruit, cilantro lime rice, avocado and veggies.

We love to pop into Well Dressed Salads for their awesome vegan food whenever we’re in Singapore’s Chinatown.

Omg the vegan pulled pork (jackfruit) is incredible. Lovely spicy salsa. Husband doesn’t love the

cheese imitation so much. Great portion size. Really worth your money in every dish.

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