Cheesy Nachos with Smoked Soy

  • Is Cheesy Nachos with Smoked Soy vegan? Yes! Cheesy Nachos with Smoked Soy is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Best eaten with chopsticks 🥢 #lifehack This along with the waffles is my go to

option when I am here. The portion size is large and I could not finish it. Perfect for sharing and totally worth the price!

This was absolutely amazing with the variety of ingredients including the cheesy sauce, guacamole and

mock meat. Will order this next time I eat high tea.

Delicious and vegan twist of toppings on classic nachos! Vegan cheeze, smokey soy instead of

smokey bacon and guacamole! #crf

Loved the edamame and the generous amount of cheese in this! The nachos were even

too much to finish.

Second time having this, but this time it was better because I got to eat

all of it by myself LOL heehe. Loved the guac and the smoky soy bits, wish there could be a bit more of those 😛

I have not had nachos in SUCH a long time! Now, I would argue I’ve

already had the best vegan nachos before at Auld Hoose in Edinburgh but this one felt a lot healthier and lighter especially if you’re having it as part of the tea set ($9.90 for main + drink/dessert)

Everyone loves nachos but most regular restaurants don't offer an alternative to the cheese. Well...

well dressed salad bar does and it's great! It's goo-ey, cheesy and goes perfectly with the guacamole! 😋

Flavourful nachos! I love the smoky flavour and the nice blend with edamame. One of

their exciting new afternoon tea menu items.

This is soooo good - great for sharing with friends. Love the cheesy sauce and

the fresh veggies and guacamole and the homemade soy bits.

Soooo delicious! Love the smoked soy on the nachos. Homemade cheese. The edamame was an

amazing add on. Yummy. Must have.

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