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Longtong was one of my favourite weekend brekkie meals when I was a grubby little

carnist kid. But the gravy is usually cooked with shrimp. This vegan take of a local favourite is one of the best dishes at Warung Ijo. I’ve added bihoon to the party and opted for the max spice level. Now its a banger! Go get yours now!

the rice taste gud w the curry! not a fan of lontong but the curry

is not badd!!

cr @opheeeliaaa for the treatz 😎

They serve this dish according to your requested level of spiciness. We ordered a level

2, which is quite mild. Next time, I will order a level 3. The soup was well-seasoned. #crf

The lontong is nice and comes in different spice levels. We ordered level 2, which

was just nice for me. #crf

My favourite dish here. Thick and creamy broth with coconut milk and nice flavours. I

ordered with spiciness level 3 and it was the best. The sambal chili on top was slightly sweet but it's ok. Generous amount of beancurd, veg and stuff. Love the lontong also, quite soft. Not a large bowl but filling.

The rice cakes were fresh and this really surprised my friend and I. When it

came we thought it looked like laksa 🤣 very rich in flavor. Ordered level 2 spiciness. Lucky we mixed in only half the chilli

I had this before during CB last year and enjoyed it. However, this time round

I was a little disappointed. The gravy wasnt as rich as before and the veggies were a tad too little for my liking. Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy it just that I prefer the previous versions :). This new one seems to have more radish and carrots in place of cabbage and long beans. The default came with egg so remember to ask them to omit it and they will provide more tofu/taupok instead!

My favourite dish today. Curry was thick with coconut milk. I asked for spicy level

2 and it was just right, not very spicy. They were nice to offer me additional sambal chilli. Generous amounts of tofu and tau pok. Not a super large portion but filling as it was cooked with coconut milk afterall.

My sister introduced Warung Ijo to me quite a while ago since I turned plant-based.

Unfortunately, I hadn't had the chance to travel there due to COVID-19 but luckily they offered delivery! Got their highly-raved lontong sayur (organised version) and it was totally worth it! Gravy was flavourful and the re was abundance of vegetables like carrots long beans and cabbage. I particularly enjoyed their deep-fried beancurd puffs which soaks most of the gravy. Portion wise it was small for me (I ended up finishing my mum's and sis' leftovers ) but I think it works well for those with small appetites. I got the level 3 spiciness which is just right for a chilli fan like me but do lower down if you are unable to handle spicy food!

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