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I felt the dish tasted good but my partner wasn't too happy with the portion.

Felt that it was too small. Kolo mee was with shredded mock chicken, chye sim, 2pcs of fried wanton, a cracker and a bowl of plain soup.

This dish was so good!!! The Kolo
Mee was perfectly blanched and the sauce was sweet,

with 3 different spice levels to choose from. Wish that the portion was bigger or there was more protein options provided. The accompanying soup was on point too.

I ordered level 5 spicy 🔥🥵 was great anyway. Wish age wasn't catching up

Noodles were ok. The chicken, which I believe is actually mushroom, was decent. The pangsit,

which contained mushrooms, were great.

Overall worth a try.

Such a wonderfully tasty dish. Had the spicy version which was on the money. And

a shout out to the staff for being all around awesome. 👍

Here’s to another opening parade of dishes for this grand group #takeout order, and on

this 300th review! This was done as a 2 birds 1 stone situation 🤓 I had this and a couple other sides for lunch while ordering a bunch more for dinner 🤪

The #noodles are the main show. I’m glad they got the right #meekolok 🤩 Though it was slightly overcooked, I love noodles too much that I actually didn’t mind it. The mock meat were these sweet strips that chewed with a bounce 😋 Since the noodles were nice and savoury, the sweetness was more welcomed. The deep fried crispy triangles of wanton skin were mouth-wateringly delectable. The deep-fried fritter even more so 🤤 It was a tad salty but the tasteless side of boiled Bok Choi helped refresh my tastebuds 😝

I really enjoyed this but $10.90 is absurdly too much, especially since Kolok Mee is typically a comforting cheap local dish to me 🥸

A good start in gastronomic satisfaction despite the hefty price tag 🧐 #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease

Though we ordered mild spicy, these noodles ended up to be extremely spicy! But flavour

was really good, dumplings were crispy. Would order again but with less spice.

Got this at the lunch promo for $8.50. The portion was just right for me.

Noodles were springy and light. It was a tad greasy in parts but not offputting. Overall tasty and I wouldn't mind coming back for it occasionally.

One of Warung Ijo's recommended dishes. A bowl of dry kolo mee topped with crispy

wontons, fried veggie fritters, mushrooms and veggies. I enjoyed the kolo noodles the most, being very springy and chewy as well. This comes with a bowl of soup and makes for a really good comforting dish! Love how the fried dishes gives it a good crunch! Do give the noodles a good stir for a better experience!

This dish was good. But not really my thing. Wouldn’t order it again. Just not

into dry noodle and “wonton” style dishes.

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