No Duck Donburi

by Wagamama
4.57 (41)
  • Is No Duck Donburi vegan? Yes! No Duck Donburi is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

LOVED this #donburi! I’ve wanted to try the fake egg for ages and was happily

surprised to find it is made from coconut! This helped to cool down the spicy kimchi and salad, and went really well with the shredded jackfruit and shiitake mushrooms (which were absolutely delicious!) I could have eaten those mushrooms all day. The bed of brown rice is also a nice base for the meal.
#wagamama #wagamamas #noduck #takeaway

Wagamamas has a massive vegan menu - I was stunned by all the options.


chose this one because I wanted to try the vegan egg. 🍳 Honestly, it looked better than it tasted. The other components of the dish were tasty but next time I’ll try something else!

#veganduck #asianfood #wagamama #veganegg

was excited to try this dish as fake duck / hoisin is one of my

faves - def enjoyed, but maybe would have been better w jackfruit instead of mushrooms? the ramen is still my favourite at wagas


Lovely dish. The egg really looks like the real thing. It was sweet and spicy,

with brown rice. Really feeling and tasty! #veganisnotscary

the whole thing was bloody gorgeous (especially when you have a friend with an employee

discount so get 50% of). it was my first time trying seitan and kimchi and i wasn’t disappointed. the ‘egg’ was also an interesting addition, i’d say it’s more of a novelty looking like an egg than trying to replicate the taste or texture at all but it was good.

This is the dish we have ordered many times before. Personaly, the best. It is

spicy, however. Watch out for that. The egg is a vegan one but does not smell on farts like the real egg, which is a plus for me because I never liked eggs. 😉

I normally go for a curry but I wanted something low in sugar - this

was perfect! The mushroom and seitan ‘duck’ was beautiful!!
100% recommend:)

Nell’insieme mi è piaciuto anche alcuni ingredienti singolarmente non mi hanno convinto (i peperoncini ad

esempio sono troppo piccanti). Se ci tornerò credo che proverò qualcos’altro come il ramen o i noodles

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