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Avant Gard’n

by Wagamama


4.43 (69)

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20 September 2021
Sooooo yummy.

The bbq seitan was so tasty in contrast with fresh spring onion, edamame, carrots and roasted asparagus over a layer of brown rice.

I really enjoyed...

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8 September 2021
This dish really looked the part and I had high hopes for it, but unfortunately

the taste let it down. It was just all a bit underwhelming and for the price I expected better, the salad was plain and the vegan egg was inedible, I did like the shiitake mushrooms and seitan pieces, however I can’t say I would order this again

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14 June 2021
It’s been very long since I last visited Wagamama and I’m so glad to

come back 😆 The “egg” was interesting and I personally liked it, I thought texture of the egg white was pretty good! The seitan was seasoned really well but I especially liked the grilled mushrooms and asparagus, I wish there was more of it! Last but not least… I need MUCH more rice 😂

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26 May 2021
Got this to try something new!

Asked for udon noodles with this instead of rice because I was craving them. They’re hidden away under there somewhere. Really enjoyed this and it was a big...

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1 October 2020
I always find this dish is best when you're admiring how pretty it is

before you eat it - it's definitely beautiful, but I think it lacks a bit of substance. It's essentially a rice dish with a lot of added components, but when you mix it all up there's much less to it than I'd like for the price. I always find it needs a decent splash of soy sauce too as there's not quite enough...

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20 July 2021
Another great one from wagas.

Found the fake egg hilarious, the middle was made with sriracha and the whites felt like a soft form of tofu.

Would buy again if there weren't so many other options that I have to try 😅

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28 May 2021
Really liked this dish.

Full of flavours. The vegan egg is a really cool idea, it tastes nothing like an actual egg and it’s not meant to. It think it was made of coconut and sriracha but goes really well with the...

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8 July 2020
This is the Wagamama Vegan Egg dish created by Gaz Oakley.

‘Egg’ is made from coconut with a siracha mayo centre! Seitan strips and salad are also amazing!

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13 March 2020
It’s honestly very difficult to say anything bad about the Vegan options at Wagamamas.

Everything is just so delicious! Especially the Avant Gard’n. The coconut + sriracha vegan ‘egg’ is next...

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27 November 2019
Was apprehensive about the vegan egg, but absolutely adore this Wagamama dish.

The egg has a slight spiciness to it...which makes it all the more yummy and interesting. Love me some Wagamama! #jaan

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