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Really enjoyed this appetiser! The emping cracker was a perfect canvas for the eggplant dip.

Love the chunky bits in the eggplant dip. Would definitely order this again!

Pretty much the Peranakan take on babaganoush without the tahini. Eaten with emping crackers that's

bitter yet savoury, kinda like the ones you have growing up bought at the neighborhood mamak stall. The eggplant puree was infused with coriander and lime, very appetising as a starter! This gives me ideas for hosting people next time 😃 Very nice to see a restaurant offering this many vegan options! #veganuary

Much bigger portion than expected especially for an appetizer- we were kinda full after and

still had our mains to come 😅 taste wise, the eggplant dip was really nicely flavourful but not overpoweringly so and the added fried shallots gave a nice crunch to an otherwise mushy dip. The emping crackers are a bit of an acquired taste though as they do leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste that may bother some

This was so good that it was gone in a matter of minutes. The keropok

was on point and this is what I would call the Asian version of chips and crackers. Makes me want to make it at home!

I’m not sure if this is an original idea for a dish creation. I’ll say

this, I wished it was paired with bread instead of the emping cracker I’m not a fan of the butter after taste. I really like the dip, not overly salty but still seasoned well.

Lovely appetiser. The eggplant was smoky and matched the bitterness of the emping crackers well.

Different way of eating Emping Crackers .. usually I can eat this on its own

without any sides. I think it’s a great starter with drinks.

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