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The Black Sesame ramen is a 5 star delicacy. Black sesame is an amazing kind

of superfood that has a unique taste and gives this ramen a special touch. The soup keeps a beautiful variety of noodles and crunchy veggies together for a real ramen experience with the only difference that it’s 100% vegan, yes, 100% a salvation for vegan visitors in Tokyo because it is so easy to find⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Black sesame ramen was also delicious
Was only in Tokyo for a couple days but t

tantan's was definitely one of my favorites

Shout out to all ramen lovers! This black sesame ramen I had in Tokyo was

bomb! The soup base was sesame and vegetable broth, not too salty. I recommend to add chilli flakes to enhance its flavour, if you are not afraid of spicy food!
The ramen noodles were cooked really perfectly, it wasn't soggy or hard! As expected from a japanese restaurant haha! Just place a few strands of ramen noodles onto your spoon, add a little bit of broth and you will be transported to heaven :'))) #crf

Location was so difficult to find tucked away within the largest station in tokyo but

I was determined to find it for a good 20mins cause it's highly rated. It was scrumptious but I wish the broth is richer! More of a fusion ramen and I can tell the Chinese influence in this dish too.

Probably not the only one ramen in tokyo but definitely the best vegan ramen in

Tokyo. Usually ramen in Japan is not vegan but this restaurant makes it to a totally new level. Highly recommend!

Went to T's Tan Tan. The store is inside the past the turnstiles. You have

to pay a small fee to go inside if you are not getting on the train. The restaurant was very cute! They have various types of Ramen with different sets you can choose from. I got the Gyoza, which were really good. The black sesame ramen was very delicious and hit the spot. I'm really glad that I got it. The noodles were a little bit thinner than other ramens that I had, but I prefer it that way. I can't wait to eat here again.

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