Review of Black Sesame Ramen at T's TanTan - Tokyo Station Keiyo Street by zoebelle2504

photo of T's TanTan - Tokyo Station Keiyo Street Black Sesame Ramen shared by @zoebelle2504 on  30 Jun 2019 - review

Shout out to all ramen lovers! This black sesame ramen I had in Tokyo was bomb! The soup base was sesame and vegetable broth, not too salty. I recommend to add chilli flakes to enhance its flavour, if you are not afraid of spicy food!
The ramen noodles were cooked really perfectly, it wasn't soggy or hard! As expected from a japanese restaurant haha! Just place a few strands of ramen noodles onto your spoon, add a little bit of broth and you will be transported to heaven :'))) #crf


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