Create Your Own Salad

by Toss & Turn
4.02 (24)
  • Is Create Your Own Salad vegan? Yes! Create Your Own Salad is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Make sure you head out to Toss&Turn if you have an chance to visit Singapore.

The Falafel tho.. yum! #jaan

Super impressed by their new menu! My picks: 2 bases (roasted vegs, romaine), 2 proteins

(beetroot patty, portobello mushroom), 3 sides (broccoli, mushroom, tofu), topping (almond flakes) and dressing (vegan garlic kombucha 😬). WILL BE BACK! $10 (note: Promo - 2 reg bowls for $20)

One of my favourite salad bowl places in town - they've changed up their menu

offering though! Now the bowl is $11 for just one protein (as opposed to $12 for two) which is a bit of a bummer since there's less variety. Still, makes for a hearty healthy meal - I picked sesame linguini and cauliflower rice for bases, with tofu as my protein. Also broccoli, edamame, shimeji mushrooms and almond flakes as my toppings (up to four now from three previously). Chose the oil-free Italian roasted tomato thyme basil dressing and I'm loving it!! #veganuary

The $12 regular bowl to make your salad is a really good deal here -

you can make a really hearty meal out of the choices they have on offer.

This time, I chose garlic soba and cauliflower rice (mix of 2 bases), stuffed mushrooms and tofu (2 proteins), and 3 toppings of broccoli, olives and shimeji mushrooms. Added pumpkin seeds and some no-fat-added sesame miso sauce too.

Really satisfying and healthy to boot!


17/30: My essential dose whenever I am in orchard. The quinoa is really tasty. Tried

the new roasted garlic kombucha dressing, love it! $12 #veganisnotscary

Can’t really appreciate the taste 🥲 pretty bland, and I would prefer if the soba

is a little more soft, the caesar sauce is too heavy for me as well… Would continue to give this place another try tho! #veganisnotscary

I ordered the regular salad which consisted of 2 bases, 2 proteins, 2 sides, 1

sauce & 1 seed. Sadly the garlic penne was so dried out it tasted awful, but as for the rest it was quite okay! I had garlic penne, mesclun salad, tofu, pumpkin, mushroom and edamame with pumpkin seeds and garlic kombucha sauce. I’m not sure if it was just my luck but when I went down most vegan/ vegetarian proteins were sold out, and I could only choose the tofu. Other than that it’s pretty alright! They also explicitly state which choices are vegan&gluten free, so it really helps.

I regret not choosing the Lemon Mustard dressing.. the Plum Sesame dressing tasted of ginger

🤢 (My friend who chose this same dressing liked it though). These are the two vegan dressings available (or was there one more? couldn’t recall). For the protein, I only had the falafel or portobello mushroom option. If you go for falafel, you get 3 pcs but if like me you’re not a fan of falafel, you have to top up extra $1 for the portobello mushroom which is just ONE small thin piece. To pay an extra dollar for that is just :(( $11+ for this regular sized salad.. Compared this to Daily Cut, the latter is much tastier. Daily Cut’s veggies are mostly roasted and I love their pesto dressing too.

Originality is on the low side because granted I chose it myself, but there weren’t

special ingredients to pick from that were vegan. They used to have mushrooms and avocado in the protein option and they’ve removed that to use quinoa and rice which is a terrible substitute - those are carbs not protein! The falafel option for hot vegan protein is too greasy to be healthy. Other than that the portions are huge which makes up largely for lack of vegan protein! You can have up to 8 toppings which is more than any other salad bar offers and they get brownie points for serving dine-in in real crockery and not plastic. Also for having glass bottled juices and carton water (though tap water would be better, and last time I asked to fill my bottle they accepted with a smile).

Lovely salad bar. Lots of choices. Vegan options are clearly indicated.

Base: mesclun salad and

Protein: balsamic garlic tofu
Toppings: broccoli, carrots, beetroot and mushroom

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