Vegan Caprese Sandwich

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Loving the healthy options here although I find the portions a lil small or maybe

it’s a sign to start eating less for lunch 😅 Maybe with tasty pesto and great bread 🍞

I learned a few things today 💆‍♀️

1. How to pronounce #caprese
2. I do not

like #caprese
3. I probably do not like #cheese either

I’m not sure which part of the #sandwich was the caprese but it couldn’t have been too impressive if my favourite part of this sandwich was the bread 🫢 I’ve actually not bought a loaf of bread for myself since I landed in Singapore which by all accounts of the extremely heretical for a (part) Dutchie 😮‍💨 Speaking of heretical behaviour, I didn’t enjoy their #vegancheese too much either 😅 My girlfriend did and while it’s completely okay to have wrong opinions I found the #almond cheese they used to be a little.. too realistic 🤮 If your cheese 👏 don’t 👏 taste 👏 like 👏 plastic 👏 it ain’t 👏 real 👏 vegan 👏 cheese 👏 Also almonds are bad for the bees etc. etc. so you know 😔

Overall it’s a recommend if you like cheese but if you’re normal it looks like they have tonnes of other great things on the menu 😇


The sandwich was ok, but it definitely needs the accompanying sauce. Small but surprisingly filling.

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