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Buffalo Vurger

by The Vurger Co Canary Wharf
4.50 (10)
  • Is Buffalo Vurger vegan? Yes! Buffalo Vurger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

The Vurger Co Canary Wharf
The Vurger Co Canary Wharf17 dishes · 51 reviews

The Wharf Kitchen Lower Mall, 2 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NY, UK

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Most helpful reviews

This is the best burger of my life, period. The buffalo comes with a “chicken”

patty, baconnaise sauce and gerkins. It is an explosion of taste and the best fast food ever.

Please open locations everywhere and take over the fast food industry

The best vegan burger I have ever had. It was so delicious, the vegan cheese

and chicken was amazing. To top it all off, the vegan shakes!!!!

This patty was so nice and crispy. The texture was very peculiar, almost chunky rather

than a patty.
The sauce was spicey, but not too hot. The bread buns were sweet and warmed.

Vegan take on a crispy chicken burger. And I don't think you would be able

to tell that this was vegan! Incredible texture and loved the spicy sauce

Very tasty and filling burger and as always the milkshake and fries were great. Not

as good as some of their other burgers but still delicious and worth the trip!! Would definitely recommend. 🥳

Great "chicken" style burger with lots going on. The buffalo sauce is a bit hot

but even my wimp-like palate could handle it.

Definitely my most frequented restaurant. I used to always get the New York Melt but

after trying the Buffalo Vurger it’s probably my new fave. Perfect texture and blend of flavours.

Really delicious taste as usual from Vurger, but not my fave. The Seitan used is

too chewy and heavy. Still good though 👌 🌱

It was so incredible, an explosion of taste. Extremely satisfying I will come back as

I want to try every single dish. Also is full eco friendly they recycle cutlery and all that is single used in the restaurant.

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