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  • Matcha Tofu cheesecake
  • Matcha Tofu cheesecake

Matcha Tofu cheesecake

by The Plant Food


4.57 (7)

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21 December 2022
Smooth matcha filling made using organic non-GMO tofu, a swirl of matcha ganache, all atop

an oat base. Understandably not like real cheesecakes, but I've eaten this multiple times and this healthy dessert has really grown on me! #sgvegan #womenowned ($5)

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Wow it's rare to find a matcha dessert (excluding matcha milkshakes) that has a

strong enough matcha taste for me and this definitely meets the mark! I loved the thickness of the matcha flavour, it was just right. And it's quite substantially filling too. There was a base to this cheesecake but it was not the graham cracker type I had hoped for. The cheesecake is more of the dense type but not fudge thick. Overall a great dessert!

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Made with organic tofu and oat crust, wheat free, oil free & refined sugar free

✔️ Earthy, Nutty and Bittersweet. Suitable for people who truly love the bitter matcha taste 🍵 They definitely don’t skimp on the matcha powder❤️

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Prominent matcha taste. Texture was a lot more firm than i expected (like a hard

mooncake paste). Not too sweet, had a little bean taste. Overall, worth a try!

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Nice tofu cheesecake with three layers: top creamy “cheese” layer, middle cake layer, and bottom

crust layer. The top and middle later came with a pleasant matcha fragrance and slight sweetness, while the bottom layer felt more baked and contained walnut pieces. In short, a refreshing dessert after meal 😋

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