Japanese Monkey Head Mushroom Curry

  • Is Japanese Monkey Head Mushroom Curry vegan? Yes! Japanese Monkey Head Mushroom Curry is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Homemade Japanese curry with tender monkey head mushrooms, carrots, and potato cubes. Opted for chewy

udon noodles to soak up the rich and tasty curry sauce. Really loved this even though I'm usually not a fan of Japanese curry! Allium-free. ($13.90)

Has a strong coconuty taste and the mushroom was so meaty!

Recent rainy days calls for a comforting bowl of curry. I was really spoilt for

choices tbh as all dishes look appetixing to me. This was serve with a side of brown rice. The mushrooms were very juicy and tender and it soaks up the curry sauce really well. The curry tasted much lighter and less sweet than the usual ones which suits my palate well. There is also potatos and carrots served as compliments to the dish (and not the main lol) which makes it very good for value! 😋

🍄🥕🥔 I'm not a fan of monkey head... as the texture is too much like

chicken thigh. Haha. But I ordered anyway for the nutritional benefits of mushroom~ the mixture with onions, carrots and potato is really satisfying. And the curry smells soooooo aromatic. Brown rice rocks~ 😘

I’m a fan of this restaurant. Everything I’ve had there is good.

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