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Black Sesame Fudge

by The Plant Food


4.43 (7)

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1 November 2021
the black sesame flavour is prominent and rich 😍 really love that this is not

too sweet but still tastes indulgent. I personally love the fudginess of this dessert, but it may not be for everyone.

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28 December 2021
Cost $4.5 per piece which is really affordable for vegan dessert.

Taste wise, it’s not bitter at all but it’s all not that sweet. Very creamy, but my fam said it was kinda grassy 😂 probably because it’s gluten + oil + sugar free, but I eat black Ssm for placebo effect that my hair will stop falling LOL

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18 March 2022
Now for the black beauty.

The black sesame fudge was my second favourite of the lot. Also relatively mild because of the other ingredients but the deep nuttiness takes over. Similar moist texture, even consistency and almost tastes like a raw food cake, though all of them are baked, perhaps...

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5 March 2022
🍠 Following the sweet potato protein brownie, is the black sesame flavour!

I'm not sure why they have different names though. But... I guess it's the taste that counts! Just enough black sesame to enjoy the flavour, but not too...

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3 October 2021
Was looking forward to try this as I love black sesame.

But it was disappointing. I don't know how to describe the taste, there is no apparent hint of black sesame and tasted rather unusual. The fudge is also in a shade of muddy green instead of...

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30 September 2021
Perfect dessert which is mostly bitter sweet.


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31 December 2021
Initially launched as Father's Day Special 2021, it has become a permanent part of the

menu and has been reinvented to look more aesthetically pleasing. Rich and bitter black sesame paste with a mellow sweetness, topped with frosting and edible flower petals. ($4.90)

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