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Most helpful reviews

One of my favorite salads now. Ordered it because I felt like something healthy would

be better for me, really didn’t expect it so be so delicious! Lots of fresh veggie, some mock meat, great flavour and lots of nuts!

Loved the peanuts in the salad, makes it so crunchy. Chillies were a bit too

much but very tasty salad.

This was a refreshing salad bursting with flavor. Served chilled, it has carrots, cucumber, lettuce

and herbs. The crushed peanuts added punch to the dish. It reminds of yusheng that we eat during the Lunar New Year. #salad #vietnamese

I ordered a mixed salad to go along with the spicy noodles. A good choice

to get something that is somewhat 'cooling' so complement the spicy noodles! Its not bad. The salad is made out of fresh daikons,carrots and some greens, topped with 'chicken' and peanuts for additional crunch! It is lighter than the salads that i had in Viernam. Surprisingly decent portion for a side. Would definitely order this again when i have the chance!

This is quite a light dish, mostly veggies and lettuce with a topping of seitan,

mushrooms and peanuts. Could be a bit bigger but a light alternative to the pho or bbq bowl if you aren’t too hungry 😋

🥗 A cannot go wrong dish. Plethora of fresh vegetables like cucumber, carrots with peanut

bits and a tangy sauce. I wouldn't eat it as a meal (okay... I eat more than others... haha) Refreshing~ 🤣

My fav dish here I think, besides the herbal rice & custard tarts that are

now gone from the menu! Really refreshing, tangy & crunchy :D But this also made me discover that I’m low-key intolerant of peanuts whoops; ppl who are similarly intolerant/allergic pls take note!

My favorite 😻 raw veggies topped with seitan, it’s light, tasty and love the crunch

of the herbs.

Fresh and delicious salad with the right balance of salty and sweet. The faux chicken

was also good in this dish. Would definitely order again.

Light, tangy, sweet, salty, herby. Not overly dry, yet crunchy. In every way a nice

summer salad.

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