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Duck Noodles

by The Clef Cafe


4.72 (5)

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4 July 2019
I like the density of the gravy and especially the noodles.

The texture of the noodles is just right, not the soft mushy type. The noodles also taste good after absorbed the tasty gravy.

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20 August 2021
Y’all HAVE to try this!

Although the ‘duck’ is primarily substituted with chunks of mushrooms of varying types, the texture of the mushrooms looks so similar to that of omni’s duck (swipe ⏩)

Priced at $5.80 (ala carte), this is a notch better than the porridge version for the noodles, although eggy, were freshly cooked and evenly coated with the duck gravy.

Great addition of veggie on the side for the extra crunch that was absent in the...

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11 April 2021
Very yummy dish!

Gravy was of smooth consistency, noodles had a chewy bite to it! Also comes in a big portion so it's filling!

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3 August 2020
The noodles were smooth and silky soaked in a savoury gravy, along with "duck" meat

made from braised oyster mushrooms and button mushrooms.

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7 August 2021
The portion was quite big, end up eating until very filling.

They are kind and generous with the portion, would usually ask the customers if they want extra rice/noodles. The gravy was well-made with a mix of veg duck meat which is absolutely tasty.

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