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by The Boneless Kitchen
4.49 (16)
  • Is Tteokkochi vegan? Yes! Tteokkochi is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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The Boneless Kitchen
The Boneless Kitchen67 dishes · 520 reviews

1 Irving Place, Commerze @ Irving #01-31, Singapore 369546

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Most helpful reviews

vegan tteokkochi dish was a delightful twist on a classic Korean street food favorite. The

chewy rice cake skewers, coated in a sweet and slightly spicy glaze, provided a satisfying contrast of flavors.

Crunchy, sauce-y and yummy. This was Tteokbokki on steroids. Ordered 2 of this for two

people, it was that good.

I love the spicy tangy sauce but very chewy for my liking. Definitely #notbracesfriendly .

Do try if you have 2-3 others to share with.

Generous serving outside but always thought this dish was quite plain. Friends liked it, me

not so much

I loved this! Think tteokbokki but grilled so you get a crispy crunchy exterior like

the rice crust you get on the bottom of good claypot rice / paella 😬 My fav way to eat rice cakes now!

Spicy. Slightly chewy. Overall good taste for Korean street food.

Fried rice cake skewers drenched in gochujang sauce, crispy on the outside and chewy on

the inside. Not usually a fan of rice cakes as I find them too one-dimensional, but this lightly fried version is more interesting! ($6)

Haven’t been to Boneless Kitchen in years because I usually go to Daehwa. Tried something

new this time and it was so good! Crispy on the outside with just the right amount of sauce and sweetness. $6. I wanna try making this at home too!

wai lek brought a bento box to tabao this and tofu !! not meant for

sides but fits well :D this also tastes so exceptionally good like how does the seasoning stay in the tteobokki so well

Really liked this! Very chewy rice cakes with a crispy exterior and all covered in

sweet and spicy sauce

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