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Most helpful reviews

This place is great! I’m not used to getting so many fun sushi selections and

they do vegan seafood really well! This one was really good but hard to eat!

Rice was a bit soggy and these were big pieces to eat. Could use more

difference instead texture of fillings since everything was squishy inside. Not easy to differentiate

This also was not good! I did not like it!! I got it because it

was one of the highest rated items on #abillion for this restaurant.

It was $14.99 so I was upset to have lost that money.

I don't really like #mockmeat so the #mockshrimp was not great. It also just didn't really work the flavours.

It was described as "Avocado, cucumber, soy crab meat, vegan jumbo soy shrimp with BBQ sauce, and soybean fiber on top."

I guess it just #wasn'tforme


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