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Most helpful reviews

It is crazy how much this looks like salmon!! And it actually tasted a lot

like salmon too! It was absolutely delicious.

I tried Tenon again since I still wanted to try the vegan salmon. This was

really great and the rice was perfect this time. I guess they improved since they first opened. The veg salmon is very thin like smoked salmon and had the right texture. My only complaint with this place is the customer service, where when I came in, the person at the front left and then after waiting a few minutes I asked how to order and was told to write it on scrap pieces of paper in the front (the online method had some ambiguity on when I could pick up, so I didn’t use that). Also their online menu had more items than on paper but I was able to ask if I could order the unagi. Also had to ask when I was to pay (no answer) and how long the wait was (eventually, 10 min)

‘Soy shrimp tempura, cucumber, soy crab meat, tempura bits, veg salmon on top’ supposed to

be a/ bbq sauce on top which they didn’t put and I’m actually glad they didn’t.

So although it was mostly ok in flavour it could have been more fresh. The ‘salmon’ part was fresh but rest felt like it was pre-made and sitting there or just the rice was old. I still enjoyed it as I was never a fan of raw fish sushi so it’s very nice to be able to eat a ‘salmon’ style sushi. Probably won’t order again unless in a group order.

The Red Dragon is the one with “salmon” on the top. This really resembles salmon

and it was a good experience. My non-vegan friends really enjoyed it too!

Finally a sushi restaurant that has the entire vegan menu! The veggie salmon was

great, nothing to envy to the taste of the salmon.

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