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Shizen shiitake

by Tane Vegan Izakaya


4.80 (5)

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3 January 2020
The Shizen shiitake is fried mushrooms stuffed with creamy shredded tofu (middle plate). I’m craving

it just thinking about it 🤤 we also got the California roll and futomaki roll. It’s pretty filling and I shared the three dishes with a friend. #aloha

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4 November 2020
I've never had raw fish before, even when I wasn't vegan, but I imagine this

is what it would taste like. If this was a non-vegan restaurant, I would not have trusted to take another bite, but knowing that it is totally animal-free, I actually enjoyed this. Kind of like a tempura mushroom, shredded tofu, this thick sauce with was a little to salty, and this interesting matcha salt. Nice thing about this take out is that I have some leftover to add to another meal.

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