Meatless Lovers

by Sunny Slices
4.27 (22)
  • Is Meatless Lovers vegan? Yes! Meatless Lovers is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

so good! this one is made with omnimeat and is peppered with olive slices all

over a bed of spicy tomato paste and basil leaves 🍃 definitely one of the more classic flavors on the menu to me and a go-to option when i can’t seem to figure out what i and my belly want. siouxsie loves the way it smells too. #dogsofabv #veganin2020

My boyfriend always gets this because its the pizza with the most protein and he

likes a balanced meal #abillionturns3

Enjoyable pizza that has protein alternatives on most part of the pizza. The base is

chewy but not tough, which I like~ crust is crispy~~~ strong tomato base. Basil here and there~~~

If I had to pick on something... might be good to bring down the saltiness by about 5%... and add some vegetables? Maybe I'm asking for too much! #veganuary

Kinda heavy imo I usually wouldn't want more than 1 type of meat alternative on

a pizza. Then again it's value for people who are into it, definitely would wow meat eaters. For some reason when it comes to meatless lovers pepperoni slices always come into mind! Prob because of the daiya boxed pizza 😅 #veganisnotscary

So much mock meat in this! (No complaints from me HAHAHA i wasn't looking for

a healthy meal anyway). I'm not a very big fan of onions though, so i felt like the onion taste was abit strong in this. But would prolly taste nice to the average joe!

//23 Dec 2021

Meatless lovers is basically another name for me cause I love my mock stuff 😂

loved this one too especially since there were 2 different ‘meats’ in it combined with the cheese #veganin2020

the most expensive pizza from sunny slices at $22 and rightfully so. it’s probably the

best one pizza on their menu. i realised the dough from sunny slices isn’t the best in the world, it’s a little much and “doughy” if it makes sense but that could be because i ordered delivery and had to heat it up.

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