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Homestead Harvest

by Sunny Slices
4.25 (15)
  • Is Homestead Harvest vegan? Yes! Homestead Harvest is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Sunny Slices
Sunny Slices22 dishes · 173 reviews

Sunny Slices The Orchard Food Market,1 Claymore Dr, #02-01, Singapore, 229594

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Most helpful reviews

Not sure if it was my brain playing tricks..
But this was soo cheesy 🤔... each

ingredient was perfection. #pizza #veganin2020

Second fav after Katzoo. In general the slices are kinda small but the pizzas are

really flavourful. Love that now there is all vegan pizza option available.

This pizza was topped with housemade tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, green capsicum,

oyster mushrooms, and toasted chopped cashews. This pizza was lighter on the palate but still *tomato*-tally tasty, with the natural flavours of the assorted vegetables and fragrant herbs.

#veganin2020 #sg #sgvegan #veganpizza

4/15 I went to a pizza party recently where we tried 15 different types of

pizza! This pizza was a surprise, it seemed simple with lots of homely veggies but the flavour was great! So rich and comforting 😋 #abillionlove

Another slice of sunniness! This was the last of the three pizzas I tried today.

It was also my least favorite. That’s not saying it was good because they are all good. It was just a little heavy for me.

DISCLAIMER: This isnt my opinion bc i hate mushrooms with a burning passion 😂😂 The

pizza was not bad but it was a bit too salty for old folks. Also wondering why my photo looks different compared to others' 😮

//23 Dec 2021

This was surprisingly cheesy and liked the toppings that came with it. Can’t really go

wrong with their pizzas tbh because they’re all SO different #veganin2020

Nicer than Peking Jackfruit, imo. Base is not good, soggy even after reheat. Ingredients are

fresh, can only taste mushrooms and broccoli, can't really taste the cashew.

I forgot that I was eating vegan pizza, that’s how alike to real, cheesy pizza

this is!

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