Fire-Roasted Butternut

by Sunny Slices
4.24 (11)
  • Is Fire-Roasted Butternut vegan? Yes! Fire-Roasted Butternut is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Got this for free with my order as part of a promo they had and

I was SO excited to see the combination of butternut squash, dukkah and pomegranates that are very nostalgic and reminiscent middle eastern flavours from my childhood. Added my own tahini onto it as I thought it would go well together - did not dissapoibt!

Absolutely love this pumpkin dish. Really yummy with a great balance between savoury and natural

sweetness. I can have this as a meal on its own.

A thick tender slice of smoky and sweet butternut squash, sprinkled with juicy little pomegranate

seeds and a crunchy dukkah blend of nuts and spices. Fans of Middle Eastern flavours *butternut* miss this unique side!

#veganin2020 #vegansg #sgvegan

This was my first time tasting butternut squash as well as dukkah... must say I

was impressed! Feels good to make "healthy" choice before gorging on the pizza 🥴 #veganin2020

Surprisingly delicious.. love the minced nuts thingy~ don’t fancy pomegranate though.. I so like the

fruit but the seeds drive me nuts..

Currently this dish is free with every order.. do double check though. (:

I wasn't a fan of pumpkin to begin with, but this roasted butternut has definitely

changed my view about pumpkin. The skin has a lightly-burnt crusty taste, which is interesting. The flesh is soft and sweet, taste like a savoury dessert.

This was free from their last day of promo! The dukkah was very aromatic, altogether

a nice healthy side.

When I first saw this I was like ‘how we gonna share that?’ But to

my surprise it’s already been sliced and you can just peel off a slice, a bit at a time - delish!

Yet another dish from sunny slice that i would have not imagined would ho well

with pizza. But it does and it tastes noice!

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