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Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake

by Sprinkles Cupcakes


4.26 (26)

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5 July 2021
I'll always be a fan of Sprinkles Cupcakes because I feel like they were

one of the few "mainstream" bakeries to incorporate a vegan cupcake option on their menu.

They taste good however, I feel like they should definitely have added more vegan cupcake options by now or add a vegan cookie.

A decade plus later, we still have the same ol' vegan red velvet option (At least in Texas...

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25 May 2021
The cream cheese was coconut based which made that so much better!

It was really good I would get it again

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26 May 2019
Loved that I was able to walk into sprinkles and there be a vegan option

of cupcake! It was delicious and tastes exactly like the normal red velvet.

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15 October 2018
I love that #SprinklesCupcakes has a vegan option!

The red velvet is moist and delicious with a coconuty frosting. The frosting is very sweet, but the overall really tasty. Hooray for vegan...

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30 April 2023
Overall this is a good vegan option, but I think they have a bit more

tweaking of the recipe to do, the frosting has a very strong coconut taste to me that needs to be toned down a bit

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21 April 2021
Best vegan red velvet cupcake!

Super delicious🧁👌🏼

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5 August 2019
their only vegan option but i was very happy to find any vegan birthday cupcake!

unfortunately the topping is not too exciting for a child but they gave us sprinkles for some dyi decoration :) taste was sweet but good and the topping had quite a nice coconut flavor.

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22 May 2019
These cupcakes taste exactly like the regular red velvet!

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21 February 2022

Really great vegan cupcake! I love red velvet and it is hard to find vegan red velvet in Montreal, so when I was in DC I had to get one! The decorative V is technically edible but do not eat it... it’s rock hard.

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13 June 2021
My mom brought this for me so it was missed up until delivered to me

but I don’t mind it’s still look delicious lol. It was good but too sweet I wasn’t able to eat the whole cupcake.

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