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Mac and Cheese

by Soul Alife


4.09 (20)

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27 September 2020
Pretty nice!

Although it didn’t really taste like cheese I think, it was nicely creamy and is quite enjoyable. It is quite cheap too!

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18 December 2020
Nice to share with friends, the dish tasted good.

1/2 of the serving size will be good enough for me.


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10 September 2020
The pasta was well cooked and the cheese had a lil pumpkin taste to it.

A solid 6/10 for me but my sister really loved it!!!

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24 June 2020
This is a creative and delicious dish of vegan mac and cheese which I ordered

for my father on Father’s Day and which he loved

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23 January 2021
so creamy!

the miso taste was very strong (in a good way). would've been perfect with more veg and some protein like tofu. ($7.90)

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18 April 2020
This was really nice but I don’t feel like greens and mac n cheese

go together!! I prefer my mac n cheese plain ◡̈

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14 August 2020
not really the mac and cheese I expected but I love it anyway.

it resembles a cream pasta more in taste and texture and the closest cheese related pasta I can think of is the pasta mania cheesy crumble cheese sauce 😋 the serving size is good and the price (7.90) is too! would definitely come back for it. comes with some leafy green bits and coconut strips(?) on top

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12 June 2020
this is really one of the best mac and cheese I had.

I always loved mac and cheese but didnt get to eat it after I turn vegetarian and this really satisfied me!

ps: sorry for bad lightning😓

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29 April 2020
Has rich cheese flavour, however texture of the cheese did not seem suitable for this

dish. might go well when ordered with sides as the dish alone could be quite plain and overwhelming.

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5 January 2020
veryyy nice .

Despite being at the far end of Singapore, my sister still made a special pilgrimage here. We’ll be back!!!!

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